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Mental Wealth for Entrepreneurs with Katerina Thomas is an Alexa Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa powered devices.

Stay motivated with authentic stories told by entrepreneurs about their ups and downs in their entrepreneurial journey. Each year, thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs start new businesses. They feel bright and full of hope; they dream big. Some of the common reasons why people start new businesses are that they are ready to be their own bosses, want to pursue their passion, or see the opportunity they can’t miss.

Yet, plenty of small business statistics show that by the end of four years, more than half of them will be gone. Roughly about 80 per cent of new businesses will make it to the second year. Commonly stated reasons, why entrepreneurs fail is to do with no market need for products or services or running out of cash or not having the right team. But, there is underlying stress on the founder around all these factors, and more. Having the right mental attitude to survive your business is critical.

This briefing leads the way in entrepreneur resilience. The goal of the podcast is to support fellow entrepreneurs on their journey, helping them overcome their doubts, issues, and problems that we all face as we break out or are forced out of the corporate world.

Podcast on Alexa
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Then simply say to your smart speaker, “Alexa, news” or “Alexa, What is my briefing”. Every week you’ll hear a new episode of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast as I release them.

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