Generation AI: The Rise Of The Resilient Entrepreneur

Want to be more successful in a rapidly changing world? But, don’t know how to navigate changes caused by advancing technology? Check out my new book.

Part investigation and part playbook for the future, Generation AI: The Rise of the Resilient Entrepreneur explains why to stay relevant, many will turn to entrepreneurship. However, only resilient and adaptive people who can think in unpredictable and creative ways will be able to benefit from the forthcoming rapid technological advancements and ride the next entrepreneurial wave.

How (not) to start up a business.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you wondering how to be more successful in your new business? Running a business can create strong emotional states and intrusive symptoms that can derail your effectiveness as an entrepreneur. Being aware of your vulnerabilities is the first step in identifying the ways to manage them.

Entrepreneurship has many challenges, and there is no one way to tackle all of them. Entrepreneurs always try to put their best foot forward. However, just like one person’s experience may be completely different from another person’s, so is yours. There is no more significant challenge than to change one’s behaviour and mindset. It’s a humbling experience to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. Once you do, it opens the door to a host of better future success options, including who you need around you to overcome your weaknesses.

Here are some of the titles of book you can buy today. Starting A Business: A 7-Step System To Successfully Launch Your Own Business In 30 Days, How to Succeed by Creating Your Own Business, The Lean Start-Up, Online Business – How to Start an Online Business in 30 Days or Less, How To Be an Overnight Success, How to Start-up Money Without Any Money. The list goes on and on. These so-called gurus like telling how to be a success whilst they fail over and over again. In reality, most entrepreneurs start repeatedly again before they realise their vision of a successful start-up.

The book will show you how you can readily identify mental errors in thinking so that you can actively avoid them and make better decisions to help you in your entrepreneurship journey.

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