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Podcast episode 32 with Jeni Raitsin

Podcast Episode 32 with Jeni Raitsin (Solopreneur Space)Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time with Jeni Raitsin  Jeni Raitsin @leisurehacker is a Tel-Aviv based, high-performance coach and founder of...

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Podcast episode 31 with Nicole Neer

Podcast Episode 31 with Nicole Neer (Bloom Administrative Services)How to Be a Resilient Entrepreneur Even When it Seems Impossible with Nicole Neer  What it's like to be an entrepreneur with...

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Podcast episode 29 transcript

Karen Vincent, Founder of Karen Vincent Solutions Karen Vincent is the owner and CEO of Karen Vincent Solutions. She is a certified life coach, a certified health coach, a certified integrative...

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Podcast episode 28 with Ria Rustagi

Don't apologise for what comes naturally to you. If you feel this is the way you want to lead, even if your way of dealing or leading is emotional, let it be. But it should not come in a manner that...

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