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If you would like to know how someone can start with a simple idea… and then in a couple of years… generate over a couple of millions in paid commissions…

this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read.

There are two guys in Idaho named Paul and Mike who were very frustrated with home business companies.

Both Paul and Mike believe that it’s important… if you’re going to join a company and plan on building a residual income… implied in that decision… is that… there will be a residual income.

And… what happened to Paul in the beginning parts of his journey was that Paul would join a company believing in residual income… and wanting to build a lifestyle of freedom, and he would go to work…

And Paul would build an income… and then he would discover that the owners of the company didn’t have the same vision…. and that created a lot of problems for Paul because whilst he was trying to build his home business working endless hours, companies would change their compensation plans.

If you can imagine Paul is living in a trailer house just having a little bit of initial success enough to encourage him to go full time and then… boom… they cut his income… it’s like a punch in the gut.

Paul was not alone, all these things happened to Mike too… and many other people. In fact, that is true of a lot of home businesses out there. But Paul and Mike always found another opportunity that was better… than the one they were previously in… earning more money.

They believe that there’s always a seed of something better lying in the ashes of the building that has just been burned out. But despite hard work and persistence, what started happening… was the other company began making promises that they would not deliver on.

So, their experience was that they would build the company up, to see it crashing down, build it up… crashing down… That was a hard thing… realising that leaders don’t always do the right thing for every person.

In the end, Paul and Mike realised that they couldn’t do this anymore. They couldn’t support a message that was so out of alignment with their values.

So, Paul and Mike got together and built up the company that spreads the dream of freedom… where residual income is totally honest and authentic…  a company that is honest and truthful, where people can be proud to be a part of and earn a great income for the result for the results that they produce.

Paul and Mike developed a ready-to-use business system … and… each month they generate over $100,000 in revenue… paying out a massive amount of that… 80% of that out to their affiliates.

This Home Business

Is Almost Certain To Generate

Millions in Sales!

Here’s how they came up with their latest invention. They’ve been building their home businesses just to see their income crash!

You see, these guys have a mind that just won’t quit. So, it gets to wonder: “What would be the world’s best home business to develop? Is there anything that every business on earth must have?”

Yes, there is. It’s called a marketing funnel aka purchase or sales funnel.

In other words, it’s a system that helps you track the stages of decision-making a customer goes through when making a purchase.

Marketing funnels are designed to provide the right solution at every step of the customer journey… and they require technical skills and understanding of a customer… understanding the process of turning leads into customers, and… it’s vital to all businesses on earth.

It doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor, a coach, a car repair shop, or a nail technician, you need to have a sales funnel.

According to Statista, there are more than 213 million companies on this planet and every single one of them needs a marketing purchase funnel to turn leads into paying customers… every day… to be profitable.

No sales funnel – no profits. But, so what?

There are many companies that offer building websites and marketing funnels, right?

Yes, that’s true. However, 97% of all companies that sell page and funnel builders charge high fees that will drain you of your cash… especially if you are a starting or a struggling business entrepreneur.

Any entrepreneurs that uncontrollably spend large sums on tools that they don’t need will soon find themselves out of cash and struggling.

Of course, some entrepreneurs can use these expensive page-building tools and still make money… if… they have experience and a list to sell to… and perhaps a couple of secret strategies they won’t tell you about…

But, that is very expensive for any starting business on a shoestring or entrepreneur who starts a company with only personal savings, borrowings or cash from initial sales!

Many expensive pages and funnel builder software can charge up to $297 per month or higher which can add pressure on a struggling entrepreneur or… if you’re just starting out.

It wastes your money that can be spent on other activities… like advertising to generate leads (if you have no list to sell to)… And… can literally (and very quickly) overwhelm you with all the technical features you just don’t need.

In truth, whilst having access to the right tools and technology is important, almost all business owners (nine out of ten) said that they have struggled with Shiny Object Syndrome at least once whilst running a business. Shiny Object Syndrome is when you spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need in your business…

So, chasing after new or “more sophisticated” tools that promise many functionalities you don’t need may not be the wisest thing to do… which means…

Only 10% of All Business Owners

Are Able to Truly Focus on

What’s Important For Their Business!

And, the ever-increasing number of platforms and tools make it increasingly difficult to focus on what’s truly important for your business…

Plus… frustration, stress and overwhelm many entrepreneurs feel… make it easier to give up the dream of having more money, flexibility and freedom.

82% of small businesses fail because they run out of money.

And while most entrepreneurs agree lack of cash is the number one problem for every business, cash problems are also a symptom of several underlying causes.

And, the biggest one of them is chasing “shiny objects” and overspending on tools and software you don’t currently need.

How much do you spend? Let’s do a test… Open an excel spreadsheet and put on the spreadsheet all your expenses on tools and systems you are paying today to earn money.

Then, take a careful look at all of your spending. Guess what? Chances are, what you are looking at is not going to be pretty.

You may have subscribed to a video creation tool you’ve never used… CRM software, copywriting tools, expensive landing page and funnel-building system… you may have all sorts of tools and systems that you’ve probably never used but still paying for.

If you don’t track your monthly spending, you are ‘killing’ your business! That truly sucks, doesn’t it?

Think about what this means: Even if the tools seem required, likely they are not (they don’t even come close) making a great deal of impact…

Of course, if you haven’t spent tons of cash yet, the truth is that you are probably going to spend… at some point…

Your Page Building Tools

Are Still Likely To Have Features

You Won’t Need or Have Time To Learn!

But, very likely, you simply won’t need or have time to use all of the features your platforms offer.

So, what you do is, continue to pay for platforms you don’t use! Which, in a way, is good… because… at least you know what needs to be done in your business…

You need landing pages… which form your marketing funnel, so can better understand what customers are thinking and doing at each stage of their purchasing journey…

Because without these insights you won’t know how to sell to these customers. The task is just too overwhelming.

But, what’s even more frustrating and confusing to many people starting selling online is that… if you ever sign up for some of the “best” page and funnel-building systems… you will be bombarded by offers to buy more “stuff” to “help” you build better video sales funnels, survey pages yada yada yada…

If not careful, you can be easily derailed by the flood of webinars selling you more tools and software you don’t need. But hey, you know why they are selling you more tools and systems?

It’s very simple…

It’s Because They Want To Make

More Money!

That’s these multi-million dollar companies have partnerships these days: It’s because they want to provide more value to their members to justify their insanely high prices.

However, promoting partner offers whilst charging a premium for the service is sort of like selling shovels during a Gold Rush… Becoming rich not by mining the gold, but by capitalising on the needs of miners, and selling them picks, shovels, and pans.

In other words, whilst you are getting more ‘value’ by getting bombarded with new offers… many of your initial business plans get side-tracked…

And often… you spend money you can’t spend and get extremely tired… and your interest in the work-from-home business is considerably diminished.

Speaking of overwhelm and mental health…

There are several articles in peer-reviewed publications from Dr Michael Freeman, MD, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, U.C. San Francisco School of Medicine that all prove…

72% of Founders Live With

Mental Health Problems!

If you have a business, your mental health and well-being are already compromised.

Business owners have to deal with a variety of stressors which include high work effort… long working hours… uncertainty… an unpredictable business environment.

Plus, starting and running a business has all kinds of other bad (horribly bad) effects on your mental health.

One study found founders were more likely to have higher levels of depression (30%), ADHD (29%), substance use (12%); and bipolar disorder (11%).

So, this is why when you invest in marketing systems and tools you need to be shrewd with your money… so… You’re not putting additional stress and strain on your life… just like a mental health issue would.

In other words, not only does your business suffer if you are not careful, but also your mental health!

This is not good news if you’re already struggling with managing your mental health, which is a difficult battle in itself. But wait! Don’t go getting angry at the company selling you fancy tools and systems.

They are very likely doing the best job they can, helping lots of businesses to start and scale their business.

Yes, it’s true: Many of them are overpriced and not needed and if not careful will drain you of your cash… But, the truth is if you don’t use page builders, you better don’t start a business at all.

When you start talking about sales funnels, content creation, CRM, and SEO and analytics tools, you are talking about “secret weapons” without which…

Your Business is Dead!

Again, Reid Hoffman once said that being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and assembling an aeroplane on the way down: Building a sales funnel is like building the wings.

It’s an integral part of the entrepreneurial ‘machine’. The truth, any way you look at it, it’s a must for any business. But, being an entrepreneur is also like being an explorer.

You have to be brave and go into new territory, but you also need to plan and understand the territory you’re exploring and have the right tools to help you on your journey.

So, what’s the answer? Well, millions of marketers and businesses now have websites and landing pages… and… that does solve part of the problem.

However, when Paul and Mike were doing their research, they discovered that the majority of page builder companies (whilst charging high prices…) didn’t offer a fair remuneration to their members for referring the service to others.

The most they would offer ranged between 15–30% in commission with a few companies paying up to 40%…

None of Them Paid Their Affiliates 80%!

It’s no wonder the affiliate marketing industry is such a big business.

How big is it? I’m glad you asked.

Just in the United States alone, affiliate marketing spending is estimated to reach $8.2 billion in 2022… with nearly 60% of all affiliate programs marketers selling to customers.

But there is a massive problem with affiliate marketing products… 1) High turnover rate and programme closure 2) Changing compensation schemes 3) Lack of consistency in sales… and yada yada yada.

The truth is that many people simply do not know how to begin to promote other brands’ products. It’s a pain, for sure.

So, what’s the answer?

One thing you can do now is to focus on evergreen niches and products… which are always in demand. 

In other words, you need to focus on products that have everlasting appeal and do not rely on seasonal trends or gimmicks to attract customers, because these evergreen products or services are what people inherently need or desire.

They make money year after year.

Also, you need to focus on selling products that have referrals, so you get paid from every sale from a certain referral or a customer… for the whole period of time the particular customer exists.

No, this is smart!

To tell the truth, almost every affiliate programme out there offers either a one-time commission each time you sell… or it’s not an evergreen niche or product.

That’s why the majority of affiliates don’t earn any money and eventually quit this “game” altogether. But, let’s face it: You need recurring income because you don’t want to be chasing each sale for small profits!

That’s why smart marketers…

Make a Six-Figure Income

With Evergreen Products!

But now, let’s talk about something truly exciting.

Imagine you get to sell an amazingly simple but powerful web page-building tool that doesn’t require technical skills or large sums of your investment to begin selling…

It’s only $25 per month!

Then, you get access to… not only training and ready-made funnel-building tools… but… also an evergreen product… that is always in demand!

Next, because the company is run by two amazing entrepreneurs who treat you like a family… and… because you’re getting not 15% or 20%… or 30%… or even 40%… but a crazy 80% commission.

Do I have your attention yet?

You’re right, you’re getting 80% of $25… or 80% of any other product you choose to promote… the income you’re earning will be equal to or better (in money you’re getting) than the products you originally tried to promote.

Only… you didn’t have to sell it again!

It’s a recurring income.

This means, that instead of paying $297 per month to build a funnel to sell your affiliate products (which may NOT even guarantee your commission)…

You get a super-easy funnel builder tool that is guaranteed to provide you with the ability to create highly converted landing pages…

But you also get 80% in recurring monthly income should you wish to refer the funnel builder to your customers.

Even an amateur marketer understands this is pure genius!

Plus, you don’t have to scout for more products to sell to make more money. And, you can join a community of like-minded people and be part of a company with an amazing ethos and mission.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, because of what Paul and Mike have developed for their affiliates, it is now a dream come true.

You see, Paul and Mike are also the inventors of the All-In-One Home Business which is by the way… working.

But, that’s what Paul and Mike dreamed of some 11 years ago which now has become an effective marketing & lead generation system used by hundreds of affiliates.

And, one of the reasons Paul and Mike were able to create this amazing home business company (which allowed them to retire at age of 40) is that they created a supportive community with a vision to empower every member to go for their dreams…

Supported by their mission of principle-centred leadership and individual empowerment…

A company that donates free meals to feed children out of their earning proceedings… which… it turns out… is very likely to be the best community of home business owners.

One of the reasons is… for its premium members it has 11 Premium Marketing Masterminds meeting a week (many funnel-building companies leave you hanging to figure it all out by yourself)… which means that you have a greater chance of success hanging with the “right guys”.

Plus, the strategies members are sharing during Masterminds are so invaluable, if you apply one or two strategies… You have no excuse but to succeed… replicating super-effective strategies.

You Can Create

Unlimited Pages, Funnels,

Websites, Offers and More

For Just $25 Bucks!

That is only 82 cents per day!

To get that same amount of value (assuming cash is not a concern) by purchasing a high-priced page builder, you would have to spend approximately $3,300!

Plus, you’d have less money on any other tools you want to buy for your business.

This product saves cash! It has the potential of eradicating a significant percentage of business expenses. It has now affiliates that replaced their day jobs… some retired earlier…

This Product Is Literally Going To Swamp The Market!

Paul and Mike are extremely passionate about this system…. because… as stated earlier… it can save lots of cash and prevent an enormous amount of mental strain because of its simplicity. 

That’s why they have chosen to give their affiliates all the tools to become a success… and… have paid 80% of commission earnings… so… they would focus 100% on the marketing of this one item!

Learn how you can start an online business in just 30 minutes per day, using 3 simple steps.



PS. In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. How to start a profitable business and earn a residual income that is honest and authentic.

2. How to stop wasting money on expensive tools and systems you don’t need.

3. The simple way to make 80% in referral commissions selling only one product that is always in demand, whilst building your business.

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