What Your Employer Can’t Tell You About Your Job

My parents always told me to get a job, but they were wrong.

After hours of research, I did for my book Generation AI The Rise of the Resilient Entrepreneur, I’ve come to conclusion that many people might become jobless because of artificial intelligence (AI).

There are three reasons why this is true.

1. Jobs are automated away

In 2011 big corporations generated $420,000 per worker. This was an increase of more than 11% over the 2007 figure.

This was mainly because big businesses doubled their investment in  Information Technology, which resulted in many full-time middle-class jobs disappearing.

Although the economy created many new roles during the recovery, the majority of these new roles were created in part-time and temporary occupations.

When automation and AI swept through China in 2014, it forced many people to abandon their jobs in factories and move to other industries that are less vulnerable, like the Hotel industry.

But AI has become a major investment area for travel and tourism companies too. One such example, is Alibaba’s hotel, run by robots in 2011.

2. ‘Smart’ technology is getting smarter 

If you’ve ever bought products on Amazon or Netflix, your products were suggested to you by smart algorithms.

This is AI.

You’ve heard that before but it’s NOT the full story.

Today billions are spent on AI projects to develop a human-level intelligence.

In 2018 DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) invested 2 billion to make machines think like humans.

Just imagine a super-intelligent computer that can understand and learn any intelligent tasks just like us.

Every day it costs technology less and less to do the same task.

3. A jobless future 

Today “experts” will tell you that AI will create more jobs than it destroys.

And this optimistic view is usually backed by the view that many employers will have to retrain their staff to work with AI technology and systems. 

But companies won’t be re-training all of the employees, but only their most productive “superstars”.

Non-productive employees will be replaced by automation.

The reason why this is true is that the cost of machine learning systems and AI technology is getting cheaper.

So, everyday it costs less and less to train AI than ever before.

A recent report by ARK Invest found that AI training costs dropped 100-fold between 2017 and 2019.

So, every day AI is getting better at automating many tasks previously done by humans.

And this is what your employer can’t tell you about your job.

But thankfully… there is a solution…

A solution to a jobless future 

Many people are not aware of the jobs being taken by AI. We are taught to get a job and earn a pension.

But jobs are designed to keep us busy and provide a false sense of security till the point when we lose our job to automation.

It’s simple. You can start an online business.

You might be wondering how you are going to figure out the complicated process of starting a business.

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I felt the same way when I started. And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.

In fact, it was worse than most people realised.

But a few months ago I found a simple way to start an online business business in your spare time. 

And you can do that too. Now, don’t waste any time, click the link and get started right away! 




PS. In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:
1. 3 Reasons why your job might be automated in the nearest future. 
2. The simple way to start an online business in your spare time.
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