Podcast Episode 40

With Dianne Hatke

Ep 40

Interview with Dianne Hatke (Founder of Primal Nosh)

Dianne Hatke is a leader in self-mastery and personal development. After nearly bankrupting her first business then rolling from its recovery right into marital struggles, Dianne has never been one to call it quits. Instead of giving up on either, she began diving deep into herself in unique ways to both maintain the mindset necessary to keep pushing through it all and to uncover the deeply rooted beliefs and thought patterns that led her down this path in the first place. She realized there is a huge gap between what we believe we are supposed to experience, and what we actually experience, a gap that leaves many feeling alone and lost. Through her work, she has discovered her gift and her passion of helping people rediscover and reconnect with themselves.

Dianne Hatke
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