Podcast Episode 28

With Ria Rustagi, Founder of Neuphony

Don’t apologise for what comes naturally to you. If you feel this is the way you want to lead, even if your way of dealing or leading is emotional, let it be. But it should not come in a manner that you don’t know why you’re feeling.

Interview with Ria Rustagi, Founder of Neuphony

On this episode of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs I chat with Ria Rustagi, a founder of Neuphony. Ria has dedicated Neuphony to her sister who tragically lost her life to brain infection in 2016. During her sister’s illness Ria couldn’t understand what was going on in her sister’s brain. So she conceptualised Neuphony for her. Today Ria’s vision is to simplify the human brain for people and provide them with tools to track and improve their mental health. 

Ria Rustagi

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