Podcast Episode 23

With Lisa Brugger

ep 23, 31 August 2020

Say “YES” And Then Figure Out How with Lisa Brugger (Creatively Lisa)

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Lisa Brugger, is an artist, entrepreneur, animal lover and multiple business owner. In addition to creating art, running an animal care business, and an AirBnB, she supports a large international team in her network marketing business.

She also works with women that are struggling to find their voice and/or ready to leave their career/job for a more creative, heart-based life with their own home business. Lisa’s passion is to help women realize their dreams and show them that working for themselves is a better way to go. That you really can have it all, financial, spiritual and emotional freedom. You can live your dreams instead of someone else’s. Her desire is to teach women there is a different way than the old economic paradigm of working for someone else instead of truly realizing your own potential and sharing that gift with the world.

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Lisa Brugger
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