Podcast Episode 19

With Dr Jane Tornatore PhD 

Ep 19, 03 August 2020

Compassion, Gratitude And The Power of Words with Dr Jane Tornatore PhD

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My guest on episode #19 of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs is Dr Jane Tornatore PhD, a therapist and speaker based in Seattle, WA. Jane has over 10 years of experience working with clients with just this type of problem. Drawing on her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences, Jane helps her clients convert old patterns and unnecessary stress into more self-confidence and peace of mind.

Dr Jane Tornatore passionately supports people as they convert old, outdated patterns and unnecessary stress into more freedom, joy and authenticity. As a recovering perfectionist, Jane knows the pain of being bogged down by old beliefs, feeling responsible for everything, and never quite measuring up to expectations. Through her ongoing inner growth work and exploration, Jane continues to discover the freedom and peace that come from questioning old beliefs, being gentler with herself, and living more from her heart.

Jane brings extensive professional training to our sessions: she has trained in CIMBS (awesome for anxiety), Lifespan Integration (powerful for overcoming trauma), and hypnosis (great for accessing inner wisdom).

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Dr Jane Tornatore
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