Podcast Episode 15

With Kristin Geeslin

ep 15, 13 July 2020

Energy, Positivity and The Power of Intuition with Kristin Geeslin

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My guest today is Kristin Geeslin (M.S) – a Consultant, Coach, Intuitive & Mindfulness Mentor. Kristin is an amazing teacher, trainer, coach and facilitator. She can pull together life-enriching events by working with various groups of people and creators of music, art, movies, etc. By combining her very strong analytical skills with my empathic clarity, Kristin can design human-friendly systems in business or government that increase an individual’s ability to meet the performance expectations of that environment. She is creative in the way she lives, works, plays and worships.

Since she always knew the solution in the pill was not for her (although she tried both anti-depressant and antianxiety medication) she’s been practising a lifestyle focused on body, mind, spirit balance since my mid-teens. She is the mother of 1 adult daughter and lives with her daughter in a cottage on the West Coast of Florida USA, from which she also works. She is single, active in her sangha (Buddhist  Group) and larger metaphysical community. Kristin loves handmade textiles, weaves a little, and likes playing with free form drawing and geometric “mandala like” designs. She also does some yoga, dancing and like to ride a bike.

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Kristin Geeslin
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