Podcast Episode 14

With Vanessa Armstrong

ep 14, 6 July 2020

From Corporate Career To Business With Impact with Vanessa Armstrong (Keto Buddies)

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How do you transition from a successful corporate career to running a business with an impact in a billion-dollar Weight loss & Health industry? My guest on Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs is Vanessa Armstrong – a Health and Weight Loss Accountability Coach who shares a personal story of weight loss (35+kilos) and health gain, whilst building a business with impact.

Vanessa is passionate to help women who want to live their best lives and love themselves in their skin. She believes we need to stop believing the BS of the diet industry; a one size fits all approach does not work. If you’d like to get off the diet roller coaster, gain freedom without any pills or shakes or joining a gym, then let’s do this differently!

Vanessa is a certified health coach based in Australia, and she coaches clients throughout the world via video. Her company, Keto Buddies, has a variety of coaching programs to suit your health and weight loss goals. Vanessa is passionate about a lifestyle approach and not dieting, she believes the ‘mind believes what we tell it’ and most of us need support to reprogram our beliefs around our body, our relationship with food and our weight.  At Keto Buddies, she combines the power of the habit change health coaching with real food as your medicine and fuel, to achieve lasting sustainable results.

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Vanessa Armstrong
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