podcast Episode 13

With Malini Rajendran

ep 13, 28 June 2020

How Adversity Changed My Life’s Purpose And Mission with Malini Rajendran

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Malini Rajendran a Fulbright scholar, at the Cornell University School of Hotel Management, has BSc in Botany from the prestigious Gargi College, University of Delhi. She has MSc in Psychology, a B.Ed and diploma in Environmental Law and an MSc in spirituality and value education. She served as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) for nine years. A member of the international core team for establishing Eco-tourism and Green Productivity Policy and Guidelines by APO, Convenor of Food Safety and HACCP Program of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for Hospitality Sector. She developed the countries first Environmental Manual for Hotels, Food safety and HACCP manual for hotels, Barrier-free access Manual for Hotels. Trained more than 100 hotels in Environment Management and Food Safety.

Malini is a serial entrepreneur, who in 2008 founded Roshni Foundation charitable trust, with a special focus on people who live in remote villages and do not have access to light or sanitation. She developed many “waste into wealth” products to provide income generation and decentralised waste management. Malini also started a book publishing initiative, organic products manufacture, alternative medicine treatment devices. Widely travelled, Malini has 40 years of rich national and international experience in a variety of sectors like radio broadcasting, theatre, education, hospitality, aviation, event management, publishing, developing environmentally friendly technologies.  She has held honorary positions on the executive committees of many civic organisations. A frequent speaker at national and international events she is a visiting lecturer at IHM PUSA, Allahabad University, the centre of food technology, Indian Law Institute, Delhi University, Pant Nagar University and Indian Institute of packaging. An innovator, a team leader providing creative solutions to bring about change. Has developed many products and services that are now sold on Amazon. Widely travelled (29 countries) she has an international and global perspective and is at ease in a multicultural environment.

In 2012 Malini embarked on a spiritual quest which led to the development of many unique meditation techniques. But a series of life-changing events that happened simultaneously over a period of three months completely changed her life’s purpose and mission. “Divine Heart Meditation” was revealed to her, to transform people’s lives from fear to freedom and to bring the human race together for the next level of human evolution, which she has been teaching ever since.

Malini’s powerful meditation courses are now available online at her website
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Malini Rajendran
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