Podcast Episode 12

With Chani Mehlman

ep 12, 22 June 2020

Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens with Chani Mehlman

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From the time she was a young child, Chani Mehlman had a grand vision for life. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was always the same, “I want to be a hip hop dancer or start a community”. Over time the desire for the perfect community gave way to her passion for transforming lives. After completing training in advanced life coaching, addictions counselling, and psychotherapy, Chani pursued a prestigious coaching path in the corporate world. This provided her with the security of a steady income and an aura of success. While it looked fulfilling from the outside, Chani knew she had a larger role to play. She was determined to serve others and to experience greater fulfilment in both work and life.

In 2014 Chani began a passion project leading a group with a common purpose of living your dream life which quickly exploded in popularity and reach. This group not only brought her deep satisfaction it inspired her to make a life-changing decision. She was determined to master the art of moving from surviving to living and live a life of freedom and connection so she could enjoy life on her own terms. Two years later, Chani left her corporate career to focus fully on expanding her life. Today she is living her dream by transforming the lives of others. Her surviving to living process empowers other women to enjoy endless freedom, fulfilment, and connection daily. Chani’s pattern changing technique and transformational coaching allow Chani and her worldwide clients to create their own lives of connection and freedom.

If you truly ready to move from surviving to living your best life get in touch with Chani directly by email info.cmlifecoaching at gmail.com she is taking new clients for her one month surviving to living coaching program!

Chani Mehlman
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