Podcast Episode 9

With Dr Audrey Schnell PhD

ep 9, 1 June 2020

Focus on Commitment and Take Control with Dr Audrey Schnell PhD

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Dr Audrey Schnell has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and is an IIN graduate. She has been studying why and how people change for over 40+ years.

Audrey uses the knowledge gained from her advanced degrees in psychology and statistics to help her clients end self-sabotage, so they can stop derailing themselves, master their emotions and reach their goals. She helps people see the blind spots that are costing them money and eliminate emotional triggers so they can reach their potential, create long-term client relationships and even turn difficult clients into success stories. She has been a featured speaker at retreats, been a valued guest on numerous industry podcasts and founded 2 successful online summits that featured over 20 top-flight experts from the world of healing and emotional intelligence.


Audrey Schnell
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