Podcast Episode 5

With Sal Groover

ep 5, 3 May 2020

Trust Your Instincts with Sall Groover (Giggle)

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On today’s show of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast, I interview Sall Grover — a founder of a girls-only social network Giggle.

Sall who had been a screenwriter in Hollywood for almost ten years, left Hollywood just before the #MeToo Movement began, but for all of the reasons the #MeToo Movement exists. During her career in LA Sall had been endlessly harassed and this started affecting her mental health and well-being. Finally, she had to admit to herself that she could no longer go on. She returned to Australia because she needed to be with her family to recover. One day Sall and her mum (now the co-director at Giggle) were chatting about having a secure online community where groups of girls could connect. And, this very conversation inspired a new project and this is how “Giggle” was born.

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