Podcast Episode 2

With Dr. Christiana Stephen PhD

Ep 2, 11 April 2020

Why To Succeed You Need To Be A Believer with  Dr. Christiana Stephen

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Episode #2 of the Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast features an interview with Dr Christiana Stephen (PhD). Christiana is a lifestyle influencer, blogger, researcher, lecturer, author and founder of the fastest-growing Women Wellness Online Community – 50 Amazing Moms spanning six continents. Christiana is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Certified International Make-up Artist, and a wife and mother of four lovely children. She has a BSc in Public Relations and Advertising, MSc in International Marketing Management, MSc in Brand Management, and a Doctorate degree in Luxury Fashion Branding and Black African Women Identity Creation.

Christiana is educating millions of mothers by creating awareness on the wellness wheel: emotional and intellectual wellness; physical wellness; spiritual wellness; social wellness; fitness; healthy eating and dieting; a healthy lifestyle, which includes understanding the essence of a work-life balance, finances, and mental health awareness. While at spreading her message, Christiana adds a touch of beauty, fashion and style trends to show that as mothers, we can achieve a fun and fulfilled life. 

Dr Christiana Stephen
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