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Authentic stories

About the Podcast

Building a company is not easy. There is a psychological “price” associated with building a new company.┬áBefore entrepreneurs make it big, many struggle through moments of anxiety and despair. Many entrepreneurs think they should “fake it” till they “make it”, but not everyone who starts a business is capable to “walk through darkness” and makes it out.

Authentic Stories

The podcast explores authentic personal stories of female entrepreneurs about their ups and downs in their entrepreneurial journey, challenging and combating the stigma around anxiety and fear. Each year, thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs start new businesses. They feel bright and full of hope; they dream big. Some of the common reasons why people start new businesses are that they are ready to be their own bosses, want to pursue their passion, or see the opportunity they can’t miss. Yet, plenty of small business statistics show that by the end of four years, more than half of them will be gone. This briefing leads the way in entrepreneur resilience. My mission is to help you overcome your doubts and fears on your entrepreneurial journey.

Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast

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